Local Scholarships

A number of scholarship opportunities are available to those seniors who are continuing their education at a post-secondary institution.  The counseling office has information on file regarding literally dozens of these opportunities. There are, however, several scholarship opportunities that are Portland High School specific.  

Please note:  Applications must be typed and submitted in hard copy by the given date.  All GPA’s are cumulative to the end of the first semester of the applicant’s senior year. These are available for PHS seniors only.

Due Dates: March 15, 2019 **

                    March 31, 2019*

                    April 2, 2019 ***

                    April 15, 2019****

                    April 9, 2019 unmarked


Alyce Harris Dowling Scholarship

American Legion Scholarship****

Bouck Family Scholarship

Brandon K. Vanderbroek Scholarship

David Huhn Memorial Scholarship

Foltz Family Scholarship

Foltz Family Technology Scholarship

Hengesbach Memorial Scholarship***

Knights of Columbus Scholarship*

PAA Hoort Scholarship

Dr. Martin Kozachik and Dr. Gerald Brown Scholarship

PFCU McCrumb Scholarship**

Portland High School Class of 1959

Robertson Family Scholarship

Shirley Storz Scholarship

Sparrow Ionia Hospital Foundation Scholarship

St. Andrew Temple Trust Scholarship

Suzanne J. Buche Memorial Scholarship

THK Rhythm Automotive Scholarship

Kayla J Williams Memorial Scholarship

W.W. Sprague Family Scholarship