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Communication Plan

Effective communication is essential for the success of any public school district. The district must be able to communicate its mission, vision, and strategic plan to stakeholders effectively and efficiently. A communication plan can be an essential tool for any public school when aligned with the district's mission, vision, and strategic plan. It helps school boards, administrators, faculty, and staff to ensure that all stakeholders are informed of important updates, goals, events, and changes. It also provides a clear strategy for how communications should be delivered, who should receive them, and when they should be sent. A communication plan helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page and is kept up to date. It will also help to promote transparency and build trust between the district and our various stakeholders, including parents, students, and the community.

This plan includes key strategies that are tailored to the district's needs. These strategies include both in-person and online channels of communication that are easily accessible and consistently utilized. The plan also provides clear and open communication channels for feedback and input.  

This communication plan is intended to provide consistent communication that ensures all stakeholders, internal and external, have timely access to information. The plan will identify specific communication channels and strategies for using those channels. In order to ensure that all stakeholders have access to the same information the district will identify and limit the platforms used for communication.  When stakeholders know the locations and methods in which the district communicates, it will decrease confusion and miscommunication, as well as reduce the amount of time and resources needed to select and maintain communications on different platforms.