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Identity Usage and Style Guide

Portland Public Schools has a long history of various mascots, logos, and representations. Since 2010, Portland has utilized it's very own, trademarked logos that now represent everything Portland Public Schools. From logos and letterhead to colors and usage, these brand standards can be found in the "Portland Identity and Usage Style Guide" document. In addition to these guidelines, all approved, trademarked Portland Raiders logos and images can be accessed from the folders below in a number of different file formats to suit your specific need.

The logos contained within the Official Identity Usage and Style Guide are trademarked and owned by Portland Public Schools. To protect the district brand and ensure proper usage of logos, all usage of these logos requires express written consent from the Portland Public School Superintendent. To inquire on usage of these logos please contact the Superintendent at (517) 647-4161.

All usage must comply with the standards detailed within the Identity Usage and Style Guide.